An increase in the number of mobile speed cameras being used on Britain’s roads has generated a whopping seven fold rise in fixed penalty notices for ni cars. The number of mobile speed cameras has soared by more than a third in a year, figures show. The mobile units, which have less stringent rules on where they can be placed, are increasingly favoured over fixed gatso cameras, the data shows. And cameras have resulted in a massive rise in the number of fines dished out to speeding drivers. In the period 2003-2004, 1.8 million fixed penalty fines were issued in England and Wales, seven times more than in the period 2000-2001.

This anti-car government has changed the rules so that Speed cameras and increased fines are not now primarily about safety. They are about raising more money from the long-suffering British motorist, partly to pay the wages.for those who work for the money-grubbing Speed Camera Partnerships.

Speed cameras have also led to a surge of penalty points on drivers’ licences – with more than a million motorists now just one offence away from a ban. Perhaps this is how the government intends to cut congestion -by taking many of us off the road!

In East Yorkshire those responsible have gone beserk in order to acomodate these money-grubbing camera operators. A plethora of speed camera pull-ins have been expensively constructed in tarmac, -with our money of course, on the A614, the A165 and the A166. These locations are not, as you might think, where accidents occur, but where the road is straight and you might just be over the speed limit.

Also, the money-grubbers frequently set up their operations on a Sunday afternoon, when unsuspecting tourists to the area are on their way home…..”Welcome to the East Riding – You’re nicked” appears to be their message.

Plan your journey before heading out and use something like the AA Route Planner to make you trip safer and more organised.

Greed Camera’ con coming to a road near you