The European Union is once again meddling in UK affairs and broken-down motorists are being left in the slow lane.

The AA, RAC and other recovery firms are now being hampered in recovering stranded vehicles by new EU ‘health and safety’ rules that restrict commercial vehicles from travelling more than 62 miles from base without a tachograph. Motorists are being left at service stations to wait for another tow vehicle to take them on the next ‘stage’ towards home.

It just beggars belief that the idiots who imposed these rules think they are doing us a favour.

Yet More EU Meddling !

The European Union is also meddling in UK affairs against the wishes of our own government!. From 2011 all new vehicles will have to have daytime running lights switched on when the car is in use. This comes despite British objections led by Greg Knight MP, Chairman of the UK Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group and by former Transport Minister Stephen Ladyman MP.

The Eurocrats, thanks to Messrs Knight and Ladyman, have at least for now exempted EXISTING vehicles from these rules. However, Greg Knight says it is an on-going battle to keep bureaucrats from interfering with our hobby and he fears that the meddling EU may return to this issue in the future.

British MEP’s, who are supposed to represent us, have been appallingly quiet on this issue.

E U Meddling !